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emmanuelle khanh greece
emmanuelle khanh greece
emmanuelle khanh greece
emmanuelle khanh greece

Emmanuelle Khanh today


Since its creation, Emmanuelle Khanh has been playing with its historical codes and reinventing its own vision of modernity. Remaining independent, the Maison offers a glamorous and creative universe, highlighting its savoir-faire. Drawing the inspiration from the excellence, Emmanuelle Khanh imagines its collections for the women and men of today.

Emmanuelle Khanh’s story


1969 — In 1969, Emmanuelle Khanh launched her first ready-to-wear collection for women in Paris, liberating the women and highlighting their recent emancipation.

1972 — The first collection of glasses is revealed and meets an immediate success. Its distinctive oversize will become the eternal signature of the Maison.

90’s — The brand slowly stops its activities. Its spirit will survive through the EK lovers until the rebirth of the brand, few years later.

2012 — The relaunch of the iconic glasses, essential accessories of the women’s cloakroom, signs the official come back of Emmanuelle Khanh. The Heritage collection, at the heart of the historic style, comes back to life.

February 2017 — Mrs. Khanh dies and leaves to the future generations a militant and audacious state of mind. This strength is the DNA of the first Studio collection made by hand in Japan.

2019 — La Maison celebrates 50 years of existence, engraving its creativity and savoir-faire in its history. Willing to

conciliate heritage with creation, Emmanuelle Khanh will launch in September 2019 its first frames collection for men.

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