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"I love frames and frameworks"

This is why I am excited to be representing some of the most luxurious brands in the eyewear industry and to be working closely with a handful of selected opticians on creating the exact specifications for success.

We share the thrill of exclusivity and we have created a unique framework of working together as a small select team that grows very beneficially to all. Developing unique and strong business partnerships, supporting them with passion and expanding business, is what I do best. My ability for setting up exact frameworks and working to precision, helps us all deliver excellence in retail and customer service.

In the eyewear fashion business since childhood (my dad was also in the same business), I know a thing or two about glasses and about opticians' challenges.

Today, I am here to guide opticians through the global eyewear market, to suggest brands that best suit them and to help them sell. I am here to share all the news and trends on eyewear fashion: from Milano to New York I attend most shows and exhibitions for my clients to benefit.

Contact me to talk about frames and to be creative together.

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